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Privacy Policy

Aquarium Ocean manages the aquariumocean.com website. Security of our users or visitors is one of our top precedences. We always care about visitors privacy.

We can require you to include certain private information to us while you use our platform which can be used to monitor you or recognize you (“Private Information“). You are free to contact us. The data personally identifiable may include but is not restricted to Email, Cookies and Data usages.

To monitor our service activities and keep other details, we use cookies and related monitoring mechanisms.

Cookies are limited data files that may contain an innominate unique ID. Cookies are transmitted and placed on your device to your web browser. Tracking systems can also be used in the collection and monitoring of data and to enhance and evaluate our services with photos, labels and templates.

The safety of your information is vital to us, but note that no internet processing or digital storage system is 100% safe. Although we seek to use marketable means to safeguard your private information, the absolute protection of your private data is not guaranteed. But for privacy purpose, we always try to best to secure our user’s privacy.